I’ve contacted Universal Music Group (UMG) about use of their music in the viral Sandy Hook Conspiracy video.

The Guns N’ Roses song “Estranged” has been featured prominently in the viral conspiracy YouTube video  “Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed,”

The video, which has amassed 10 million views within one week, alludes to elements of Sandy Hook being faked in order to usher in gun control.

The video makes absurd accusations such as the president being pictured with Emilie Parker, one of the shooting victims, after the shooting occurred and she was announced dead.

One can assume that these conspiracists must believe the government is not only sinister, but equally incompetent as well.

Perhaps the worst claim is that some parents were actors because, while on camera, they didn’t grieve quite like the video’s makers believed they should have. Quite an accusation from people claiming to know how humanity works while displaying an acute lack of it.

While viewing this video I noticed it had a rather well produced song. After some research I was able to determine is was a Guns N’ Roses song belonging to Geffen Records, which is owned by Universal Media Group.

I sent UMG the following email:

Subject: Journalism student seeking answer about use of UMG’s music
    A video featuring music from the Guns and Roses song "Estranged" went viral last week. So far it has received 10.5 million views. 
    The video is on YouTube and is titled "The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed," and can be viewed here: [REDACTED]
    The video makes a litany of claims about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Two of these claims are that the death of these children were faked and that the grieving parents are actors. 
    I was curious if UMG is aware of its music being used in this video, and what the company's response is to its property being used in association with such claims. 
    I look forward to your response. 




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