O big brother, where art thou?

Last Monday an armed robbery happened outside of Troy University’s Alumni Hall. Although a suspect has been captured, I couldn’t help but notice something when I was walking through the area that it had happened. Why aren’t there any cameras? Or, if they are there why can’t I see them?



Now, I’m not saying that Troy is a dangerous or violent campus to attend, because it is quite safe, but

certainly there is benefit in having an expanded level of video surveillance.

If not for the potential to deter crime and provide peace of mind to students, then for the fact that video surveillance can provide priceless evidence to the police when crimes are committed.

I’m aware of some on campus cameras, but they all seem to be in-building cameras. If there are external cameras then they are inconspicuous. I’m aware of outside surveillance cameras at the school’s IT department, but that is slightly off campus.

Despite this entry’s title, I’m not suggesting an Orwellian level of surveillance. Light camera placement around the perimeter of dorms and heavily trafficked areas would be enough to gather images of who was where and when.

If there are cameras around campus, then perhaps strategic placement of signs like the one posted above would be more helpful to student safety than the one’s informing us of the tobacco ban.


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